It’s coming, it’s coming! and no, I’m not talking the pumpkin spice latte’s that
beckon us with its creamy, foamy, coffee goodness, although those are
coming as well!! I’m talking about my favorite season of all, hoodie season,
a.k.a. Fall season!

When the sun starts getting lower in the sky, your pets are known to roam
around the room, trying to sneak in some Z’s in the falling rays of the
afternoon sunlight. You may need to make some comfort changes for the
anticipated cooler weather. Here are a few tips to help ease the transition
from Summer to Fall.

  1. Make sure your pet stays well groomed. A thick coat will help to keep
    your pet warm when the temperatures dip but try not to let it get matted.
    A matted coat could harbor bacteria and skin infections. Brushing them
    more often will be well worth it when they’re clean, warm and huggly
  2. Stay clear of gardens and wooded areas. Certain plants or weeds that
    sprout in the fall can be deadly to your pets if ingested. Fall showers
    and cooler temps sprout up wild mushrooms in Oklahoma, your pet will
    undoubtedly investigate the new growth so it’s wise to avoid all
    mushrooms so there’s no guessing if it’s poisonous or not. It’s very
    important to keep an eye on your pet in your yard or on walks because
    they will, if given the chance, taste test anything suspicious.
  3. Watch for snakes. Cooler temperatures don’t automatically mean
    snakes are not present. They don’t move much in the Winter, but Fall in
    Oklahoma gives us up and down temperatures. If we get a 60 degree
    plus day, they will become active. Rattlesnakes, as we all know, can be
    deadly to humans and our furry companions, are even active on warm
    Fall days. Continue to be diligent, scan for snakes on walks or in your
  4. Change up walk times. Your summer walks with your dog may be early
    mornings to beat the heat but the in the Fall and Winter change your
    walks to late mornings or an early evening to beat the dark. A sudden
    change in your pet’s schedule may cause behavior problems for a short
    time. To avoid these problems try moving to the new schedule in 10-
    minute intervals over a few weeks to acclimate him/her to the change.
  5. Keep lights on in the house. During the Fall and Winter months of the
    year, you may leave for work in the dark and come home to a dark
    house. Leave a light on for your pets so they’re not left alone in the
    dark. You may think about a timer for your lights.
  6. Invest in a warm snuggly new bed. Inspect your pets bedding and
    blankets to ensure their comfort in the coming Fall and Winter months.
    If they need to be replaced, go shopping! Who doesn’t like to shop
    these days especially when you don’t even have to leave the house to
    do it! Lol, hello Amazon!

Fall and Winter weather brings a variety of concerns to any responsible pet
owner. Extreme cold and biting winds can cause discomfort for your pet.
Paying attention to signs of discomfort and being proactive in preparing for the
change in weather will ensure you both enjoy the season to the fullest.

With that tasty pumpkin spice latte in hand and pumpkin treats for your pet,
take a walk in the park in your matching hoodies and keep these tips in mind
as Fall brings in cooler temperatures.

Mike Hall is the owner and operator of Gracieland Pet Resort. His experience with your pets give him a wealth of knowledge that he is eager to pass on to you. Follow Gracieland Pet Resort on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for Mike’s Question of the Day.

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