Spacious Individual Rooms

Your pooch will be pampered with private climate-controlled indoor rooms and large outdoor play areas. Each dog will stay in a large, private room with a comfy cot style bed. Large dogs have rooms with access to an outdoor run. The entire facility features central heat and air conditioning to provide a comfortable environment for your pet.

Large play yards

Dogs have access to large community play yards during the day.

Smaller dogs have separate indoor and outdoor play areas.

Extensive supervision and security

The owner lives on-site so your pet will have extensive supervision both during the day and at night. Security cameras allow direct visualization of the kennel at all hours.

Special accommodations

Special covered runs are available for dogs who jump.

Multiple pets in the same family can share a room for a discount.

Please let us know when you book if your dog is known to jump fences, is an escape artist, has stranger anxiety or can be aggressive. We will take every measure possible to ensure your dog and other dogs are safe and have the best experience possible.