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Gracieland now has Doggy Daycare

We are proud to now offer a new service for our company, Doggy Daycare!

Dog sitting in nature in sunglasses

5 Reasons why Doggy Daycare is a great idea.

1) Exercise and Socialization

Throughout the day doggy daycare will provide opportunities for your dog to express normal dog behavior.  They will have scheduled times in which your dog will have the opportunity to play with new dogs and learn necessary socialization skills.

2) Supervised Playtime

In some instances, dog owners are not comfortable monitoring their dogs play time with a new dog.  A dog owner may not be familiar with what is appropriate and what is considered dangerous.  GracieLand has an experienced staff that can understand dog body languages and can ensure all dogs are comfortable during play times.

3) Human Interaction 

During the day while you are at work, your dog may be lonely staying home alone which is where we come in.   The staff members at GracieLand have structured play times and interact with your dog regularly.  We are here to make the most out of your dog’s play time, including socialization with other dogs and humans as well.  And nothing beats a hug and a few scratches behind the ear.

4) Boredom Relief

To crate your dog or not to crate?  If, while you work or not home, you don’t want to leave your dog crated for hours and not crating  can set your dog up for destructive behaviors due to boredom.  A good compromise for dog owners is dog daycare where boredom becomes a non issue and there are ample opportunities for stimulation.

5) A Good Idea For Active Dog Owners

You may feel guilty for being away from your furry kid for hours while working more than 8 hours and leaving your dog at home.  At GracieLand Hound Dog Hotel Daycare will allow your dog multiple opportunities for “bathroom” breaks, exercise  and will be entertained while you are away.  Feel guilt free and take advantage of Doggy Daycare while you’re away.